Market research, optimal plant propagation, and development of special postharvest handling techniques to increase vase life, have resulted in successful test marketing in Japan of Acacias as an export cut flower crop.
Although there are approximately 700 species of Acacia endemic to Australia, very little is grown here as cut flowers or foliage. Ironically, Acacia has proved successful in Europe, grown in southern France and Italy, and sold as a cut flower under the name of Mimosa. Its success as a cut flower in Europe indicates the huge potential of this genus as a commercial crop in Australia, particularly when it is considered that the European industry is based on only two or three species, grown under adverse conditions on grafted rootstock. This manual was funded from RIRDC Core Funds which are provided by the Federal Government and is an addition to RIRDC’s diverse range of over 450 research publications It forms part of our Wildflowers and Native Plants R&D program, which aims to facilitate the development of new industries based on plants or plant products that have commercial potential for Australia.

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